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Blacksmith Training Program

Our blacksmith training program is a two year commitment working one day per week.
We begin training on Saturdays for about 3 months on basic blacksmithing. After the initial start-up the new smith changes their training day to join their new team to complete Level One training.

Level One is identified by the California Blacksmith Association (CBA) as the Western States Certificate Curriculum.

The second year is divided into three parts:
1) Interpreting the Gold Rush history from the blacksmiths perspective to the visiting public.
     Springtime in the park is so busy there is little time for anything else.
2) Making items period correct items for the park and for sale in the Mercantile.
     The 25 items we make for the store must be learned before they can be produced.
3) Making items for themselves and their families.
     This is a good time for the new smith to use their new skills to make the tools of their new trade.
     Punches, drifts, tongs, hammers etc.

If you are interested in participating in the Blacksmith Training you will need to follow these steps –

1) Contact the Volunteer Coordinator and find out the next volunteer training class (530) 622-1048
2) Sign up to attend the next volunteer training class
3) Asked to be put on the Blacksmith Waiting List
4) The Volunteer Coordinator will then introduces you to the Blacksmith Lead and you can find out what the timeline for starting in the shop will look like